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You didn't start your business to make money. You don't kill yourself working all those hours for a mere paycheck, you have real passion for your clients, to solve their problems, to make their life and work a little easier. Maybe you work to make a tangible difference in the world.

We understand the heart behind your business. You want to find the people who need your services or products the most and then give them exactly what they need at a fair price. 

Some of us are great at the work but struggle to find our market. Some of us know our ideal clients but can't craft messages that are compelling to them. This is why Solid Creative is here. 

We want to help you find your audience, tell your story and get results.

Solid Creative is built to provide creative services for marketing, promotion and lead generation.

Our core strengths center on our ability to help you identify your audience (entertainment, marketing, or fundraising), find creative ways to connect with them and craft stories and messages that resonate.

If you're looking for strategy, creative messaging or implementation in traditional or digital media, contact us today. 

contact: robert {at}

What we offer:

-Social media strategy for events, campaigns and lead generation. 

-Business Growth Strategies that will maximize your sales process and new business acquisition

-Branding research to clarify your targeted audience.

-Building raving fans through digital strategies designed around social media.

-Creative services for messaging, website copy, video production, radio ads, and social media posts.

-Video and audio production for events, documentaries and ad spots.